Art & Sculptures

sculpture2All travelers share a passion for discovery. The discovery of new places, new sights, new experiences—those things that enrich our soul and stir our creative fires.

As longtime travelers ourselves, we have learned that those moments and places may be too big to bring home in a suitcase, but the art we’ve discovered along the way has been a wonderful way to bring us back to the moments and the places we’ve loved.

So in and around the Korner Kottage we’ve sprinkled pieces from some of our favorite artists—the vibrant acrylic paintings of Betty Nickol; the very physical bronze sculptures of Gail Folwell;  the oils of French-born Jean Salabet; the riotous, whimsical metal sculptures of Michigan’s own Alec Greaves; a stunning Impressionist painting by Bartholomeus Johannes van Hove.

Our hope? That their beauty and energy will enrich your soul and stir your creative fires as they did our own. In turn, we offer you a chance to create your own art, inspired by your exploration of Northern Michigan.

May your stay at the Korner Kottage spark your own sense of discovery—of a gorgeous peninsula, a storybook B&B, and a reawakened passion for each other and the finest art of all: the art of living well.