Once upon a time, nearly a century ago, a lumberman named Martin Severson had a sawmill, acres of Northern forest and one enduring dream: to marry his sweetheart, Olise Olson. In 1921 he began building the home he hoped to share with her, lovingly crafting rooms where they would live, laugh, raise their children and grow old together. When he finished in 1922, young Martin asked for Olise’s hand in marriage. She said yes; her parents said no.

Alone, heartbroken but ever hopeful, Martin moved into the empty house and waited. And waited. And waited. And as true love does, theirs endured.

When Olise’s parents passed away, she and Martin–well into their 40’s–finally married. They made this house their home and lived happily ever after.

Though nearly a century has passed since Martin began building their dream, the Korner Kottage stands as it did back then: a testament to true love, romance and a happily ever after worth waiting for.

So what are you waiting for? Revel in the romance for which this home was built, and steal away with your true love to the Korner Kottage. Although the location around us is extraordinary, don’t feel the least bit guilty if you don’t want to leave; a full day spent here is equally exceptional…

You’ll wake up together in 700 thread-count sheets–freshly ironed the old-fashioned way–and shuffle into the dining room for breakfast that’ll knock your socks off. Spend the morning on the screened porch, playing cribbage, chess or Parcheesi while you sip coffee–always fresh, always hot–from our Italian-bistro style Saeco coffee machine. Care to explore the garden? When the weather’s warm, the cozy nooks and shady hideaways nestled amongst the flowers are the perfect place to wile away an afternoon watching the birds, the bees and the breeze.

When you’re hungry, a plate of homemade cake cookies–think lemon chocolate chip and other one-of-a-kind recipes passed down for generations–is always at the ready. Grab a few and retire to your room for some quiet time. Come evening, curl up wherever you choose with a book selected from our shelves. Or better yet, add a chapter of your own to our on-going guest novel.

Whatever you do, however you spend your day–it’s up to you. But in the spirit of Martin and Olise, trust us, it’s wonderful when you spend it here together.